Monday, January 7, 2013

Clean Slate

So, for those of you who have been reading this blog, it has not been the best, I started it when I was young, and frankly, I was a little stupid too (Not much of that has changed, but just bear with me) So, I'm going to star anew, I have deleted all of my posts that I have published so far, and today I begin with a clean slate, of non-regrettable sentences and new life lessons that I will be sharing with you, and trust me, in my family, I learn things on a daily basis.

Now as all of you know, the new year has begun, and honestly, I'm surprised I survived 2012. It was hectic, fun, depressing at some points, and joyful at others. This past year I have discovered things that I never knew about myself.

In the course of one year I have gained new friends, a sister-in-law, plenty of new baby cousins, and my first nephew coming in a couple of weeks.Let's just say, I have had a lot going on.

With this being the last year of middle school for me, I wanted to make it very memorable, and so far, that mission has been accomplished.

During the fall of 2012, I was in a production of 'Narnia' I was a dancing bear in the background of many, many, scenes. There were a lot of songs, a lot of dances, a lot of facial expressions, and a lot of rules that a had to learn. It was a very life changing experience for me, but not just because of the fact that I got to preform in front of a 100 people every night, but because of what it taught me.

CYT is a theater program, with branches all across the country, it is a Christian run program that let's you preform while worshiping Jesus. Before every rehearsal, class, and show, we sing a worship song and say a prayer. I have never been treated so well during any production IN MY LIFE. Every single director, assistant, choreographer, committee head, and everyone in between, treats you like your one of the stars, they treat with respect, kindness, and everything that they think you deserve. If you're good to them, they're good to you., that's basically how it works.

I have never, smiled, laughed, cried, or praised the Lord, more anywhere else than I have at CYT. I absolutely love it there. An if you know some one, or you are someone who is interested in theater, and wants to Worship God at the same time, CYT is DEFINITELY the place for you!

So here's to the New Year, and all it holds in store for us!

God Bless 

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